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5 common myths about escorts

  • apex
  • October 25, 2017

As in any other field of activity there are many misconceptions in the escort business. Some myths are ideas inspired by movies, some are gossips and others are just opinions of judgmental people. Because booking an escort is no longer a taboo subject in the following lines we will present you five of the most common myths about this activity and about the women who work in this area.

  1. Escorts will never kiss clients on their mouth

We have not decided yet if we should consider this myth a funny joke or just a simple misconception. Of course, as many of you already know, this myth comes from some Hollywood movies where kissing a client on his mouth represented falling in love with him.

  1. Escorts are expensive prostitutes

We all know those street hookers who sell their bodies for some pounds and complete the definition of vulgarity. There can be nothing more wrong than saying there is no difference between high class escorts and these prostitutes.

Women who work in the escort business are classy, elegant and cultured. Once you will meet a high class escort you will instantly notice the differences and you will understand that these women are as normal as our mothers, wives or daughters. Starting from the behavior, the wardrobe and the looking, high class escorts are refined and styled. Even more, they are not interested in gaining money as they are in fulfilling the client’s needs.

  1. Any woman can become an escort

Even though many people would be tempted to believe it, this idea remains a myth. It is quite hard to believe for many, but being available 24 hours, seven days a week it is not extremely easy. More than that, an escort has to be always appealing, to be in a great mood and to be open to anything a client could want.

Also, these women are anytime prepared for a new adventure, and by this we mean that clients could need their companionship worldwide (this involves respecting a certain dress code, the ability to discuss using professional terms and knowing more than two languages at a conversational level).


  1. Men who book escorts are not able to get a beautiful woman on their own

This idea is probably the most common myth associated with escort business. The great majority of high class escorts admitted that their regulars are some beautiful business men who gain considerable amounts daily. Therefore, we must ask: who in the world a man like this could not get a gorgeous woman on his own?

  1. Escort services means only selling sex for money

If you ever booked an escort, you probably know there is more than sex involved. As we mentioned before, high class escorts offer to clients something they could not get from their life partners or from their wives. This refers to the ability of understanding the other’s needs, of listening and of fulfilling some of the most hidden fantasies. Therefore, an escort doesn’t sell sex for some sums of money, she sells companionship.


Of course, there are many other myths about these services, but if you want to convince yourself which one is the truth of this industry