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TOP 4 things you should consider before becoming an escort

  • apex
  • December 19, 2017

There’s a big chasm between “I’ve thought about the escort industry” and “I think I’d like to start working as a high-class escort”. As in many other cases, from the outside, any career can seem different from what it’s really like.

If you intend to work as an escort, then you should consider some things before applying to an escort agency. Some women believe working in this field is extremely easy, but they see only the surface of this lifestyle. Follow the next paragraphs to know what to take into consideration before starting working as a courtesan:

  1. You are not allowed to fall in love with clients

Women are known to be sensible human beings and for easily getting attached to men, especially if they find them attractive. Well, in this field you will get to meet lots of men, with interesting life stories, with fascinating backgrounds and with different behaviors. Despite all of these, you must consider the fact that escorts are not allowed to fall in love with clients. These aspects are implied by each escort agency’s policies.

  1. You will have to meet all kind of men

Indeed, some escort agencies allow the escort workers to select their clients. However, you must consider that this is not a strict rule and you will probably have to meet with all sorts of men (especially at the beginning of your career).

We recommend you to think more about this idea, because once you get in the business, there is no turning back. If you believe you couldn’t do it, then you must work a little bit harder at your social skills and after then to join this field.

  1. You will have to work out more and to take care of your body

If you are that kind of beauty with some hot natural curves, then don’t worry too much about this point. However, you must definitely think about yourself as that woman who can make any man go crazy about her. In this matter, your body deserves better care, health food and work out practices to keep in a good shape.

Men tend to be attracted to those women who are careful with their looks and if you want to become better at your job, then you must get as much clients as you can.

  1. You will have to take risks

When you start working as a high-class escort, you first need to gain experience in this field. In time, you will learn how you should treat each client apart, how you must behave under the bed sheets or at a specific event you’ll attend as a luxury companion.

For start, you will have to take some risks and make some decisions, such as: be natural even though not each men you will meet will be attracted to you, be confident despite the negative feedbacks you may receive and assume what you do for a living.


If you thought about being an escort through the perspectives we have mentioned before and you consider yourself as being ready to start, then you can apply at our agency. Our team is eager to meet you. Also, we will train you to become the best and to gain substantial amounts of money!